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Terms & Conditions: 
Garsons Events


Each event will have a bespoke set of terms and conditions; please make sure you check prior to purchasing tickets or making a booking.



Terms & Conditions: 
Garson Farm Pick Your Own (PYO) & Farm Pass Bookings


Your commitment to us: When you confirm and purchase a Farm Pass (or a Pumpkin Pass) booking, you are accepting that these terms and conditions form the basis of any contract between Garsons and yourself.

Farm Entry & Farm Pass:

  • Entry to Garson Farm Pick Your Own (PYO) is strictly by pre-booked Farm Pass only
  • No Farm Pass sales will be available from the farm entrance point, or elsewhere on-site at Garsons Esher
  • Upon arrival, you will be asked to show your Farm Pass Order Reference code (found in the booking confirmation email sent at the time of booking) on your mobile phone or a printed copy
  • You must arrive within 59 minutes from the time stated on the Farm Pass/es booked, failing to do so may result in refusal of entry
  • Farm Passes may not be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • No Farm Pass/es may be resold to or by a third party
  • Garsons reserve the right to refuse entry
  • Garson Farm Pumpkin Pass: The same Garson Farm Pass terms and conditions are applied to a Pumpkin Pass, with the distinct exception that a Pumpkin Pass does NOT include credit towards produce picked. It allows entry only, to Garson Farm’s dedicated Pumpkin Parade. A Pumpkin Pass booking is strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. In the unforeseen occasion of no availability of pumpkins due to natural decay or selling out on the day of your visit Pumpkin Pass bookings will be refunded, terms and conditions apply. 

Farm Exit:

  • No produce is to be consumed prior to paying, otherwise will be treated as theft
  • Produce is charged per item or weighed (gross weight charged) at the exit till kiosks, whereupon a Farm Pass booking value (excluding Pumpkin Pass bookings) will be deducted from the total bill, providing the produce is equal to or of a higher value than the Farm Pass booking price. If your produce value is lower than your Farm Pass value, you forfeit the difference. This value cannot be refunded or transferred. 
  • Pay using a debit card, credit card or mobile contactless. Please note, we do not accept American Express
  • Receipts must be kept as proof of purchase

Farm Regulations:

  • Farm Passes are non-refundable, which includes missed time slots
  • All persons entering the farm must have a relevant Farm Pass with a corresponding date, this includes carers, childminders and teachers
  • Crop produce availability varies due to seasonal and weather changes; this does not affect your Farm Pass booking terms
  • All produce MUST be washed prior to consumption
  • No produce may be consumed prior to paying and will be treated as theft. Picnics are not allowed on the farm; however, a picnic field is available to use during opening hours, which is located in the garden centre's additional car park on the far left
  • Caution must be taken; Garsons is a working farm with vehicles and wild animals on the site, the farmland ground is uneven and contains changing surfaces. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk, and all items, belongings and other property brought onto the farm by visitors are at their own risk
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere on the farm
  • For health and safety reasons NO pet dogs are permitted on the farm including in the garden centre at any time, except for assistance dogs. Dogs must NOT be left in vehicles under any circumstances
  • Toilet facilities are not available on the farm; however, Farm Pass holders can use Garsons Garden Centre toilets please note these are not within walking distance of the farm
  • Garsons reserves the right to refuse admission, including late arrivals

Garsons Card: Members will receive a discount of 10% off their produce, on purchases beyond the value of the Farm Pass. Monday to Friday only. A valid Garsons Card must be shown and scanned at the farm exit till kiosks.

Group Sizes: Farm Pass bookings are set at a maximum of 8 individuals (8 Farm Passes per booking). All children must be accompanied by an adult. Large group bookings for educational purposes such as schools, nurseries and clubs must be agreed upon in advance by Garsons with official correspondence. Strictly NO coaches or large minibuses.

Refunds & Cancellations: We cannot issue any refunds for cancellations, this includes weather changes, crop availability and or missed time slots. For exceptional circumstances, please email with booking information and a detailed explanation.

Farm Pass Booking Transfers: Transfers are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. At least 48 hours (2 days) notice is required to consider requests. No refunds will be given. Accounts should be set up at the time of purchase on the ticketing site with the user's chosen email and password in order for the Farm Pass booking to be transferred directly by the customer, failing to do so may result in the requested transfer not being possible. (Pumpkin Passes are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable)