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Garson Farm PYO: Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section all relate to Garson Farm Pick Your Own, Esher, Surrey.

If you are looking for help in regards to a Garsons Garden Centre event booking, please contact the store or email 


I would like to visit on a particular day, but the calendar of the date I want isn’t letting me select it, why?

It might be that the date has reached its full capacity and is therefore unavailable, which should state ‘Not enough spaces’ with a red cross marked against it. From time to time, we will increase the capacity and release extra passes to be available for various dates and time slots, so please keep checking the site.

If a date is not highlighted with a green circle, this is either because the date is in the past, or if it is a future date, it means it hasn’t been assigned any Farm Pass allocations yet.

If all the dates show with a red cross, then you have added too many passes to your basket. The limit is 8 per booking.

Please note: The Farm Pass booking site is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer, please use Google Chrome or an alternative browser.

All calendar dates are showing a red cross, what does that mean?

If all calendar dates are shown with a red cross and say 'not enough spaces' then you have added too many Farm Passes in your basket. Please reduce the number of passes. The limit is 8 per booking. 

When do you release new dates?

We meet with the Farmers every day to find out what crops are ready for picking, we then factor in how many crops there are available and assign each date and time slot with Farm Passes; we then release those dates for people to book.

We try and release dates at least 7-days in advance, this could be anytime from 7.30am each morning. WEEKEND DATES are generally released the previous Friday morning.  

I can no longer make the day I’ve booked my Farm Pass for; can I change my booking?

Unfortunately, no refunds can be made once Farm Passes have been purchased.

You are welcome to give your booking to family and friends to use instead by sending them your email confirmation, to which the same Farm Pass terms and conditions apply. 

If you would like to transfer the date of your Farm Pass booking you may do so through the ticketing site provided you have set up an account password at the time of booking, please follow the ticketing site instructions. Transfers can only be made if 48 hours or more notice is given ahead of your Farm Pass date; transfers with less than 48 hours will not be possible. Dates are subject to availability and may incur an additional fee.

In exceptional circumstances, please email with details of your request:

I’m running late for the start time I’ve booked my Farm Pass; will I still be allowed in?

You may arrive up to one hour from the time booked on your pass. For example, if you booked an 11am pass, you may enter the Farm from 11am up until 11:59am. If you exceed beyond that time you may be refused entry, especially during peak times.

It’s raining, how do change my Farm Pass for another time?

Farming continues rain or shine; we love it when the summer rain comes as it helps our crops grow. Come on down with your wellies and a hooded jacket, and have fun picking in the rain. We do not offer any refunds for bookings due to weather conditions.

You will be notified if, on the rare occasion, we need to temporarily close the Farm to visitors due to extreme weather conditions.

How long can I spend on the Farm?

There is no limit to your time spent picking on the farm however, we recommend that you spend no more than 2-3 hours during your visit to allow everyone throughout the day to experience a safe and controlled environment.

IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: If you have booked a Farm Pass for 3:30pm or 4:00pm please be aware that Garson Farm closes at 5:00pm so make sure you arrive on time to allow enough time for picking and paying before the 5:00pm closing time.

Please factor in before entering the farm, that the farm has no toilet facilities. You are welcome to use Garsons Garden Centre toilets prior to entering the farm. Garsons Garden Centre closes at 5:00pm. 

I run a social club; can I make a group booking?

Organised group bookings are strictly by prior arrangement only. Group bookings are designed for educational purposes such as schools, nurseries, playschemes, clubs, and other educational organisations. Please contact with details of your request. Strictly no large minibuses or coaches are allowed on site at Garsons.

Subject to availability, non-educational group bookings can be made by making two separate order bookings through the main Garson Farm Pass ticketing site. All groups, educational and non-educational, larger than 16 people will need to be approved and confirmed in writing, or they may not be permitted entry.

Our mission is to keep the farm as safe as possible for staff, customers, and group visits. Group bookings are monitored, agreed upon in detail, and processed thoughtfully. Garsons has the right to cancel large bookings at any time. 

Can I book my entry Farm Pass on arrival?

No. We are unable to process any Farm Passes ‘on the door’ or in-store at Garsons Garden Centre. Farm Passes can only be booked online through our ticketing site. You are welcome to try and make an online booking on the same day you wish to visit, subject to availability.

I don’t have a car; can I walk instead of driving around the farm?

We recommend that all Farm Pass holders drive around the Farm, stopping and parking up at each open field as you drive around.

However, if you do decide to walk, you will be permitted entrance provided you have a valid booking, but you must factor in that it can be a very long walk from entrance to exit, especially during peak season. Walkers must be aware that the farm roads and tracks can get very busy with cars and tractors, and there is no set pavement, so caution should be taken. 

Entry is also permitted for those by bicycle, to which the same cautions apply. 

If the amount I pick is under the value of what I paid in my Farm Pass booking, can I transfer the difference to another day?

No. Your Farm Pass booking value constitutes our minimum charge per person. You forfeit the difference if your produce value is lower than your Farm Pass value. This value cannot be refunded or transferred to another day. You may however, re-enter the farm to pick more in order to use or exceed your Farm Pass credit value.

Can I sit and eat while picking on the farm?

Eating picked produce before paying is strictly forbidden and will be treated as theft. You must weigh and pay all picked produce before consuming. You are welcome to use our dedicated Picnic Field after you've left the farm, located at the far of the additional parking area. 

All produce must be washed before consumption.

Can I pay for picked produce in cash?

Please pay at the exit kiosks using a debit card, credit card or mobile contactless. Please note, that we do not accept American Express. Should you arrive on the day with only cash please speak to a PYO Sales Advisor at the exit tills who will be able to assist you.

What can I use to carry the fruit and vegetables I pick?

Packaging is provided throughout various points around the farm for you to use, subject to availability. Please note that you will be charged by gross weight at the exit tills. 

Am I allowed to bring my dog with me?

No. For health and safety reasons, pet dogs are not permitted on the farm, including in the Garden Centre, at any time, except for assistance dogs. Dogs must NOT be left in vehicles under any circumstances.

Is smoking allowed on the Farm?

No. Smoking and vaping are not permitted anywhere on the Farm.